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GW Trading

The main focus of GWgroup as is technology and inovation. Due to our expanded agent network in China, it was natural for GWgroup to assist Norway with infection control products during this period as we have good relations and good access to production lines at factories.

It turned out that this was something we were good at. With as many as 25, approved and certified, factories and 60 products, we have come to become a supplier of quality-based infection control products. 

We can get most things, but only get certified and high quality products.

GWgroup  AS - IT

Odoo as ERP-System.

Founder Gjermund E. Wæhre, has more than 20 years of experience in ICT and has worked with integrations, CRM and databases most of this time.
No ERP system meet all needs and no one is perfect. Either they are very expensive both in procurement and operation or large resources are required for development and adaption.

For several years we have been looking for a good ERP system that covers most needs and for us there is no doubt, Odoo is the most complete and complex ERP system we have ever dealed with.

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