Protective Goggles

We have the capacity for production and delivery of protective goggles

Do you need protective goggles for use or resale? We at GWgroup AS have spare capacity and good existing Har dere et behov for ansiktsskjermer for bruk eller videresalg? Vi har ledig kapasitet og gode eksisterende leveringsløsninger for distribusjon av ansiktsskjermer fra våre produsenter i Kina.  

Our protective goggles and other protective gear comply with the strict special Norwegian and European directives and regulations related to the handling and manufacture of personal protective gear. Therefore, you can ensure that our protective goggles are approved and suitable for the intended use to ensure good infection control.

We have the opportunity to distribute even larger orders for protective goggles. Our solutions are scalable, and our manufacturers have spare capacity. If you want other protective gear in addition to protective goggles, we can arrange for good solutions and joint shipping of equipment.

Safe and secure protective goggles 

Our protective goggles are designed and manufactured to ensure the safety of the user. Due to a good design and high quality, the protective goggles are just as suitable for retail employees as they are for healthcare professionals who treat suspected infected people.

Regardless of which sector the users are expected to be in, these protective goggles will satisfy all needs and requirements for infection control.

Production and logistics of protective goggles 

In order to ensure that our protective goggles are of the highest quality, and that they comply with any requirements for hygiene and design, we have carefully made a selective selection of manufacturers we use.  

We maintain an ongoing dialogue with state control bodies and the Norwegian Medicines Agency. This ongoing dialogue gives us a unique insight into which manufacturers at all time satisfy Norwegian and European requirements for the design, manufacture and handling of protective goggles and other protective gear. We therefore have a continous overview of which manufacturers are on the blacklist, ie manufacturers whose manufacturing method and product quality are not considered satisfactory for Norwegian requirements and conditions.

By using us as  a distribution partner for protective goggles and other equipment, you can be sure that the manufacturer is approved and manufactures protective gear that satisfy Norwegian requirements, conditions and regulations.

We have the capacity to meet most needs    

We have accessto a number of approved manufacturers in China who manufacture protective goggles and other high-quality personal protective gear. This, in addition to our good logistic solutions, will assure that we can meet most needs of protective goggles. 

High-quality sterile protective goggles    

Through our agents, with presence and insight in all distribution stages, we have ensured that our logistics partners and manufacturers maintain all standards and requirements for manufacturing, handling, packaging and shipping of protective goggles and other protective gear.

You can therefore be sure that a shipment from our manufaturers has not been touch by anyone who is not qualified or has been given explicit permission. We take our role as a distributor of protective goggles very seriously. Therefore. we take all precautions to ensure that all equipment intended for use in infection control has not been mistreated in any way.

At the manufacturing premises in China, strict precautions are taken to ensure good hygienic and sterile conditions. Only persons who are pre-approved, do not have a contagious disease, and are wearing personal protective gear (PPG), have access to the premises.

Future supply of protective goggles                                   

In addition to offering deliveries of a larger batch of protective goggles, we can also arrange for regular deliveries at desired time intervals.  

We also work for our own production capacity in Norway  
*dette og neste avsnitt må flyttes til ansiktsskjermer/protective face shields*

To ensure Norway an even more predictable access to protective face shields, we are in the process of developing our own production capacity in Norway. This is done using proprietary 3D printers. You are welcome to contact us for information about where we are in the process of developing our own production.

See our references for previous deliveries of personal protective gear (PPG)  

We have good references on already delivered deliveries to Norwegian institutions, companies and public health agencies. Upon request, we are happy to provide non-confidential details related to our previous deliveries of personal protective gear.

The equipment, which has previously been supplied by us, is today used by both private, state and non-profit enterprises and institutions. This indicates that our quality promise and compliance with deadlines and other obligations are met. 

Contact us for quotes and more  information  

Contact us for updated information related to production capacity, estimated delivery time for the desired order. If you want access to our manufacturers' certificates and test results from clinical trials, we are happy to present this upon request. We look foreward to hearing from you. We are sure that we will be able to get you a good solution for the delivery of protective goggles and other protective gear.