Disposable Gloves

We have the capacity to produce disposable gloves

Do you need disposable nitrile gloves or disposable surgical gloves? Regardless of what kind of disposable gloves you may need, we have the contacts and distribution system in place to ensure you a safe, predictable and efficient delivery of disposable gloves and other personal protective gear (PPG).

We set strict requirements for compliance with quality, hygiene, certification and sanitation or our manufacturers and logistics partners. By only using approved manufacturers who satisfy special Norwegian, European and U.S. requirements for the production and handling of disposable gloves and other personal protective gear (PPG), you can be sure that our personal protective gear (PPG) is suitable for its intended use.

Our distribution solutions for disposable gloves and other personal protective gear (PPG) are fully scalable and very dynamic. This means that we will be able to help you get deliveries of suitable equipment in place, even at relatively short deadlines. We can also facilitate deliveries of large amounts.

We distribute disposable gloves to businesses, and both private and public health sectors.

The manufacturers we have contact and cooperation with in China have disposable gloves and the production of a number of different units of personal protective gear (PPG). The manufacturers' products cover the vast majority of requirements for quality, certification and area of use.

Regardless of whether you need a larger batch of surgical and sterile disposable gloves for handling patients, or simply want gloves for use in stores and the like, our manufacturers will be able to meet their needs.

As a company with a well-established network of contacts and distribution system in China that was present even before the outbreak of Covid-19, we are very well suited to be their distributor of disposable gloves and personal protective gear (PPG).

Manufacturing and distribution of disposable gloves

We follow our manufacturers in China closely. We set very strict requirements related to approvals, certificates and test results from clinical trials conducted by independent experts. In addition to this, we have documentation on working conditions at the production facilities, and not least their own hygiene routines.

By following the manufacturers, we can assure our partners and customers that the products they order satisfy requirements, norms and standards.

As for us here in GWgroup AS, we have a physical presence in Moss, Viken in Norway as well as in San Fransisco, USA, and in Shanghai, China. 
This means we are used to the organizational traditions, business traditions and norms from different countries, and how it varies. 

As a Norwegian company and distributor of disposable gloves and other personal protective gear (PPG), we of course comply with Norwegian legislation, and have an ongoing dialogue with government agencies such as the Norwegian Medicines Agency. Our close dialogue with government agencies means that we have a unique insight into which manufacturers satisfy government requirements for production, hygiene and design of the products. Therefore, we only use manufacturers that are not on the so-called blacklist, which refers to manufacturers who have previously delivered unapproved equipment to Norway.

We have the capacity to meet most needs

We have access to a number of approved manufacturers in China who manufacture disposable gloves and other high-quality personal protective gear (PPG). With our well-established contact network, we usually have a lot of spare capacity.

We have the opportunity to distribute both medium-sized and larger one-time shipments of disposable gloves, in addition to facilitating regular deliveries that occur at pre-agreed time intervals.

Quality in all parts of the distribution chain

As a distributor of disposable gloves and other equipment, we take our role very seriously. Therefore, we work continuously to ensure that good routines for proper handling and manufacturing of the equipment, from the factory until delivery.

We have carefully selected manufacturers who share our strict routines for handling the equipment. Therefore, the employees in the factory are themselves dressed in personal protective gear (PPG) and are not allowed to show up at work if they are suspected of having a contagious disease. No one who has not been given prior approval enters the sanitary and sterile packaging and production facilities of our manufacturers.

Also during shipment, we set strict requirements for our logistics partners. No one who is not qualified, or has given explicit consent in advance, will be able to touch the equipment before it has arrived in Norway. This assures us and our partners that the disposable gloves are sterile and have not been tampered with.

Our disposable gloves are approved for the intended use

The manufacturers of our disposable gloves and other equipment have been carefully selected with regard to quality and compliance with Norwegian, European and U.S. rules related to approval, certification and quality.

We have good references from the public health sector and the business community

You can safely choose to use our distribution solutions for disposable gloves and other personal protective gear (PPG), knowing that we have already completed successful deliveries of equipment for, among others, the public Norwegian healthcare system.

Contact us for quotes and more information

If you want a price quote for the desired number of units, or simply want information related to our manufacturers' products, we are ready to answer your inquiries by email: sales(@)gwgroup.no or phone: +47 46 411 444

We can also, upon request, provide non-confidential information related to completed deliveries to Norwegian customers. If you want access to our manufacturers' certificates and test results from independent clinical trials, we are happy to present this upon request.