Surgical Masks

We can supply both class 1 and 2 surgical face masks

Do you need class 1 and / or class 2 surgical masks? We at GWgroup AS specialize in the distribution of surgical surgical masks from our approved manufacturers in China.

Our surgical masks are produced under sanitary conditions, where quality and compliance with medical regulations and requirements are of the highest priority. As we only use selectively selected manufacturers in China, we can supply surgical masks of both class 1 and class 2 that are of high quality and are suitable for intended use in both the healthcare sector and the business community.

Our manufacturers currently have a lot of spare capacity that can be used to produce medium-sized and large batches of surgical masks for our customers and partners. Of course, our distribution solutions are also fully scalable, which means that we will be able to serve shipments of all sizes.

We have CE- and FDA-approved surgical masks

The surgical masks that we distribute are of course designed and manufactured with a special focus on meeting Norwegian, European and U.S. health standards and requirements. Due to our almost fixed focus on distributing masks of the highest quality that maintain our standards and requirements, you can be sure that surgical masks from our manufacturers are suitable for use in infection control.

Production and distribution of surgical masks

The production of the surgical masks that we distribute takes place at one of several selectively selected manufacturers in China. We have an ongoing dialogue with control bodies in order to be constantly updated on which manufacturers produce the most suitable masks for your needs.

We have insight into our manufacturers' hygienic conditions and their own infection control routines at the manufacturing departments. This helps to give us a good insight into the precautions to ensure end-user face masks that comply with Norwegian European and U.S. health requirements.

As our manufacturers have been approved in advance and have previously delivered personal protective gear (PPG) and surgical masks to Norway, you can be sure that our class 2 mouthpieces have a 98% bacterial filtration efficiency and have good breathing properties. If interested, please contact for up-to-date and current specifications for available surgical masks.

We have scalable solutions for distribution and production

Our distribution solutions are fully scalable. With access to various approved manufacturers who have spare capacity, we can meet the vast majority of needs for surgical masks and other personal protective gear (PPG).

We also have good arrangements with logistics and freight managers. This helps to ensure us safe deliveries, even during turbulent times.

We take all hygienic and quality precautions

To assure our customers and partners that our surgical masks are of high quality, sterile and approved for their intended use, we have in place good routines related to the handling of masks and other equipment.

At the manufacturing premises in China, strict precautions are taken to ensure good hygienic and sanitary conditions during the production of the masks. Only persons who are pre-approved, do not have a contagious disease, and are wearing personal protective gear (PPG), have access to the premises where the surgical masks are produced.

We also have good precautions to ensure you a safe, secure and efficient shipment. No one who is not qualified, and has been given explicit permission, will touch the bandages before they arrive. This ensures you surgical masks that are sterile and ready for use in both business and the health sector.

Long-term distribution solutions for surgical masks

In addition to one-time shipments of surgical masks, we can also put in place good distribution solutions that extend over time. Such a solution is tailored to ensure you the number of masks you want, when you want them.

See our references for previous deliveries

We have good references on already delivered deliveries to both the public health sector and the business community in Norway. Upon request, we are happy to provide non-confidential details and information related to our previous deliveries of face masks and infection control equipment to Norway.

Our previous successful deliveries shows our ability to deliver as agreed, and meet deadlines, agreements and promises of quality.

Contact us for quotes and more information

IIf you want access to our manufacturers' certificates and test results from independent clinical trials, we are happy to present this upon request.. Our manufacturers' masks have CE and FDA approval and have already been tested and approved for use.

We are ready to answer any inquiries regarding information about manufacturers, logistics, distribution and product information. We will also be able to give you a quote on price and estimated delivery time on request.
If you want a price quote for the desired number of units, or simply want information related to our manufacturers' products, we are ready to answer your inquiries by email: sales(@) or phone: +47 46 411 444