Protective Gowns

CE-approved Protective Gowns are available from GWgroup AS

Are you looking for CE-approved protective gowns? We at GWgroup AS deliver protective gowns approved for use in Norway and the EU. We are a reliable, serious and comprehensive supplier and distribution partner, who can supply protective gowns and other personal protective gear to cover every need.                     

Of course, our protective gowns comply with all the directives, regulations and medical requirements for quality from both the European Commission and the Norwegian Medicines Agency. As a supplier to the public health service in Norway, you can be sure that products and equipment that we distribute are approved for their intended use.                    

Our solutions are fully scalable, and we can meet any need for the desired capacity at the manufacturer and supplier. 

We supply Protective Gowns for all purposes

Our protective gowns are just as suitable for use in healthcare and private clinics as they are for other non-profit and commercial purposes. If you are in the risk zone for infection and want the protection a protective gown can provide, then you can safely use our products.

We will be able to meet your needs and wishes for capacity and delivery in all orders of magnitude. This means that we are just as well suited to deliver protective gowns to medium-sized companies with a regional and local presence, as we are to deliver complete solutions to national organizations.

Production and logistics  

We have a very close an comprehensive collaboration with agents at all stages of the distribution chain. This means that you will not need to contact anyone other than us. We will be able to constitute your contact person, supplier, responsible representative and importer.

Med oss som deres leverandør av smittevernfrakker, vil dere være garantert forutsigbarhet, pålitelighet og seriøsitet. Vi har fysisk tilstedeværelse i Moss, noe som gjør at vi har dyp forståelse for, og innsikt i norske skikker, normer og lover.  

We have access to approved manufacturers in China, which are used by the Norwegian healthcare system, as well as a number of non-profit and commercial healthcare clinics and companies. We have ongoing contact with the health service and the Norwegian Medicines Agency, which means that we have a unique insight into which manufacturers satisfy Norwegian and European requirements for the quality, validity and reliability of infection control equipment.                    

We have the capacity to meet every need

We at GWgroup AS, and our manufacturers have enough spare capacity to be able to deliver orders consisting of tens of thousands of units. In addition to beeing able to deliver large disposal shipments of protective gowns and other infection control equipment, we can also assist with regular deliveries of protective gowns, with desired time intervals.   

As we have close contact and presence in all distribution stages, we will be able to deliver even large and medium-sized deliveries when needed at relatively short notice. This means that we can offer you a dynamic distribution of protective gowns.

Quality at all levels  

As a consequence of the fact that we supply personal protective gear and other equipment for medical use, we are very strict in maintaining good sanatary routines and hygiene when treating the equipment during delivery and distribution.

In the production facilities of our partners, there are strict regulations and routines related to sanitary conditions and hygiene. This ensures that the protective gowns are manufactured in a sterile environment, where the employees are wearing personal protective gear. People who have symptoms of infectious diseases or are not wearing infection control equipment will not have access to the packaging and manufacturing premises.

Our strict requirements for proper handling of protective gowns and other infection control equipment persist throughout all distribution stages. After the equipment is packed, no one who is not qualified will touch the equipment until it has reached you. Our strict measures ensure that you can be sure that the equipment is of high quality, approved and sterile.

Protective gowns that are approved for use in Norway  

As a supplier of protective gowns and other infection control equipment to Norway, you can be sure that our equipment is suitable for its intended use. Our products are CE approved, and are already in use by both public and private health institutions in Norway.

We also have ongoing contact with the Norwegian Medicines Agency and other professional bodies. This contact means that we have insight into which manufacturers are blacklisted. Products manufactured by blacklisted manufacturers are never distributed and sold by us.

Long-term and comprehensive delivery and distribution solutions for protective gowns

We at GWgroup AS can constitute a comprehensive supplier of protective gowns and personal protective gear to companies in Norway. In addition to delivering short-term orders to meet urgent needs, we can also offer long-term planning of fixed deliveries at predetermined time intervals.

If you should have special needs, we are able to meet most wishes and needs.  

We have references from both the public health service and the private sector 

Our many previously successful deliveries to a number of non-profit, private and public bodies, both inside and outside the health service, stand as a testament to our professionalism and reliability. Feel free to contact our sales manager for further information related to previous deliveries.

Contact us for tenders and detailed information 

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales manager by email:........ adress, or phone:.......... We look forward to a meeting where we clarify your needs and unique situation. Then we will submit a competitive tender for the delivery of the desired number of protective gowns and/or other protective gear.

If desired, we can also present results from clinical trials as well as the manufacturer's own certificates. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales manager for further information.