Protective Gear

Personal Protective Gear (PPG), we have spare capacity  

Do you need Personal Protective Gear (PPG) that satisfies strict European and Norwegian medical requirements? We at GWgroup AS are an approved Norwegian distributor of Personal Protective Gear (PPG) to both public, non-profit and private companies.

Personal Protective Gear (PPG) from our manufacturers satisfies all Norwegian and European directives and requirements for design and functionality for medical equipment and infection control equipment. With us as your distributor of Personal Protective Gear (PPG), you can be absolutely sure that you will have access to safe, secure and approved equipment.

Our distribution solutions are fully scalable for organizations of both medium and large sizes. In other words, we can meet the need for delivery of Personal Protective Gear (PPG) from both local, regional and national companies and institutions.

We supply all Personal Protective Gear (PPG)

Our manufacturers manufacture everything from visors, class 1 and 2 surgical face masks, face masks, infection coats and disposable gloves to surgical caps. Thanks to our versatile manufacturers, we can be a comprehensive partner for the delivery and distribution of Personal Protective Gear (PPG).

We work continuously to be able to meet any requirements, needs or wishes that Norwegian organizations, health agencies and companies may have related to infection control equipment. We are therefore very adaptable and dynamic, and we are able to satisfy most wishes and needs.

Production and logistic of Personal Protective Gear (PPG)  

Thanks to our good presence in China and a well-established contact network, which has been established  before the outbreak of Covid-19, we have a good and close contact with manufacturers in addition to having well-functioning and flexible logistics solutions.

With us as your distribution manager, you are guaranteed reliability, predictability and seriousness. You can be sure that deadlines and agreements are met, and that our good and flexible solutions will be able to ensure delivery even during turbulent times.

We have already, in accordance with our manufacturers in China, delivered personal protective gear (PPG) to both medium-sized and large national, regional and local enterprises in and outside the health sector. Our already successful deliveries and good references, refer to the quality of the equipment and our ability to deliver as agreed. All our manufacturers are of course approved and already have test results from clinical tests, as well as certifications to refer to. These are of course presented on request.

We got the capasity to supply Personal Protective Gear (PPG)  

GWgroup as has spare capacity to supply infection Personal Protective Gear (PPG) from our manufacturers in China. Our capacity is large enough to meet the needs of even the largest demanders. With a well-established contact network and direct lines to agents at all stages of the distribution chain, we can provide you with ongoing updates and be an intermediary between you on the one hand, and the manufacturer and logistics manager on the other.

We are very flexible, and we will be able to deliver large orders of Personal Protective Gear (PPG) even when we are contacted relatively shortly before the desired delivery time. We can also comply with requests related to regular deliveries that take place at desired time intervals.

We take safety and hygiene seriously  

As a distributor of Personal Protective Gear (PPG), we take our role very seriously. Therefore, you can take for granted that our deliveries of infection control equipment are sterile, approved and usable for intended use.  

Our manufacturers have strict routines for sanitation and hygiene at their manufacturing facilities. No one who is suspected of having infectious diseases, or is not wearing Personal Protective Gear and is pre-approved will have access to their facilities. This ensures that the infection control equipment satisfies all requirements for manufacture under sterile and hygienic environments.

Also during shipment, the personal protective gear (PPG) is hadled in a responsible manner. No one who has not been given permission in advance and is qualified will be able to touch the equipment until it has reached you in Norway.                    

Personal Protective Gear (PPG), approved for use in Norway

Personal protective gear (PPG) from our manufacturers in China of course satisfies all European and special Norwegian requirements for design and reliability. Upon request, we are happy to present certificates and test results from clinical trials.

We offer long-term solutions for the delivery of Personal Protective Gear (PPG)

In addition to offering larger one-time deliveries of Personal Protective Gear (PPG), we can also offer long-term, safe and predictable solutions to ensure you access to equipment, also in the future. Together we create a good solution, that is tailored to your unique situation, contitions and wishes.                

References from both large and medium-sized enterprises and health authorities 

We have already delivered Personal Protective Gear (PPG) to large state regional health trusts, non-profit organizations and private companies.  By using us as your distributor of Personal Protective Gear (PPG), you can be sure that deadlines and agreements are met.

Upon request, we are happy to refer to non-secret references on successful deliveries of Personal Protective Gear to Norwegian companies and institutions.

Get quotes and estimates, quickly and efficiently   

If you want an overview of product lists, estimated delivery time or tenders, please do not hesitate to contact us at email:  adress:  or phone number:  We look forward to hearing from you. We are confident that we will be able to reach a good agreement that secures the personal protective gear (PPG) you need.                         

We can also present certifications ans test results from clinical trials performed on the products we distribute. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding our Personal Protective Gear (PPG).